About Us

The Rio Vista-Montezuma Cemetery District has three locations to service the community: Rio Vista, Shiloh and Collinsville. The District’s Board of Trustees is made up of five members all of whom reside in the district. There is currently a full-time Office Manager and three Grounds Keepers. Whether it is picking out your final resting place or locating a loved one who has passed, the crew at the cemetery is here to assist. All three cemeteries are kept well manicured and maintained with pride to help make a positive and peaceful experience for those visiting.

Experience Our History

Since the 1800’s the Rio Vista, Shiloh and Collinsville Cemeteries have always been an important part of the community history. Our cemeteries help connect the present with the past as we look to the future. Each location offers different meanings and different nationalities. From the early pioneers who first set foot in Rio Vista with their horses and covered wagons, bringing their families to start their lives in uncharted waters, to the present day families with our gas fueled vehicles, there seems to be a common ground between the past and the present….a love for fishing and farming.

Our Team



Becky Burch

Richard Dana

Shelly Landi

Jim Monahan

Jean Rubier

Public Cemeteries are governed by the Public Cemetery District Law (California Health and Safety Code §9000 et. seq.). Health and Safety Code §9020 requires that each cemetery district legislative body have at least a three-member board of trustees. The board of trustees is solely responsible for all aspects of district operations. Trustees, who must be registered voters of a district, are appointed by the County Board of Supervisors to fixed, four-year terms of office. Alternatively, a Board of Supervisors can appoint itself to be the board of trustees (HS §9026).

Our Mission

Rio Vista-Montezuma Cemetery District is committed to providing families with friendly, respectful, and affordable services. The staff maintains a high standard for keeping the grounds maintained in honor of those who are laid to rest and their loved ones who visit. We strive to memorialize the history of our town, its people, and its cultural heritage.